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Here at eco-discount, we know it can be overwhelming trying to navigate exactly how to change our own daily lives to help the environment. Waste-free, vegan diets and eliminating plastic, we’ve heard all the ideas, but some of them seem hard to implement in our own lives. So we’ve compiled a quick list of 10 things you can do today. Trust us, they’re easy. We’ve even included some handy links, you’re welcome!

  1. Switch to a reusable bag This has to be about the easiest switch in the book! Stop paying that annoying 10p charge every time you hit the shops and pack one of these. You’re saving plastic, saving money, and doing it in style. Try this one out, it’s only £6 and made out 100% organic cotton.

  2. Bamboo straws Because no-one likes the dirty look you get when using a plastic straw. And it’s no surprise, it’s thought that we go through 23.5 billion plastic straws a year in the EU alone. So ditch the disposable and pack these up next time you go out for drinks. This set from Jungle Straws is just £5.99 and comes with a storage pack and cleaner - and there’s enough for you to lend them out to your friends, too. Check out their other products, they’ve got bowls and razors as well as bunch of other eco-friendly goods.

  3. Ditch palm oil products This one won’t cost you a penny, in fact, it might save you some. Palm oil is in thousands of products we use every day, from chocolate bars and pizza to shampoo and deodorant. The problem is, when it’s not produced sustainably, it’s a huge force behind deforestation and is putting endangered species like the Orangutan, pygmy elephant and Sumatran rhino at real risk. Next time, check the ingredients of your products before you buy, and find out if your favourite company uses sustainably sourced palm oil here.

  4. Cut down on food waste

Another money saver! If food waste was a country, it’s thought that it would be the third biggest producer of greenhouse gases after China and the US. So stop throwing away your leftovers and box them up for lunches, or reinvent them into a new meal. Didn’t want the rest of your chili con carne? Use it to fill up a lunchtime burrito tomorrow!

  1. Get rid of packaging Have a look around your house and see how much useless, unnecessary packaging you can find. Our guess is, it’s a lot. Plenty of companies are producing waste-free products. Next time you want a shower gel, check out Lush’s plastic-free range. There are shops all over the country that offer food and household items waste free. Google ‘waste-free shops’ to find one near you.

  2. Swap shop style It’s time to stop fuelling fast fashion. Yes, we all love getting a bargain in the sales, but next time have a think about the environmental cost of it. Toxic chemicals, water pollution and textile waste are just a few reasons to make the switch to sustainable clothes. Try finding swap shops near you to refresh your wardrobe for free. Alternatively, try out shops like Rapanui, who sell clothes made from natural materials, renewable energy and delivered in plastic-free packaging. Or check out these Adidas trainers made from ocean plastic, or this zero-waste denim brand. It’s not hard to find brands that are championing sustainable fashion so get exploring and start shopping!

  3. Get a reusable cup This one’s a no-brainer. Coffee giants like Costa and Starbucks offer discounts for anyone who brings in their own reusable cup to cut down on plastic waste, so why not treat yourself to one. ASOS offer a range of different options here.

  4. And a bottle while you’re at it! It hurts to think how many plastic bottles end up in the ocean. Don’t be someone who is contributing to the crisis, pick up your own reusable bottle here.

  5. Stop eating takeout Not only is it generally pretty bad for your health, but takeout comes in plastic boxes and bags, which just adds to the problem. Why not try to recreate your favourite takeaway meals at home? Or ask your local takeaway to put your meals in your own reusable tubs, like these, which can also double as your lunchbox. Win-win!

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