It’s easy to feel like the world is ending right now. More and more of the world is going into lockdown as Covid-19 wreaks havoc across the planet. But at eco-discount we are determined to find some good in the gloom. It’s been said that some countries are seeing less pollution, canals and lakes are cleaning themselves, and the world is getting a chance to regenerate.

So why stop there?

Here in the UK, everyone is under lockdown, only able to leave their houses for a few reasons and one of those is to get in some daily exercise. But sadly when we ventured outside earlier this week for a walk, we spotted litter all over the countryside that had been thrown from car windows.

After getting angry for a while, we started thinking.

If this is giving the world a chance to regenerate, why not help it along?

So we’ve started the global #LockdownLitterPick movement, and we’re asking you to use your daily exercise time to get outside, take a walk, and pick up litter along the way.

Everything you need is here - litter pickers, compostable binbags, and gloves.

Pick up what you can and make sure you dispose of it properly. Check with your local council if you’re not sure how. And don’t forget, only do this with one other person at the moment and don’t put yourself at risk, either from cars, environmental dangers, or Covid-19!

Obviously, please make sure you’re abiding by all of the government rules while you’re litter picking and exercising. If you aren’t sure, check with the gov.uk advice and make sure you keep yourself and your family safe.

Share your pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and hopefully we can use this as a chance to clean up our local areas, while safely social distancing! If we can connect through #LockdownLitterPick, we can make sure that while you might be picking up litter on your own, you are definitely not alone.

So get out there, get involved in the #LockdownLitterPick, share your pictures and don’t forget - social distance and wash your hands!

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