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We were thrilled to announce our partnership with Jungle Culture this week! Their sustainable products are a great way to make the switch to a waste-free lifestyle and here at eco-discount we are delighted to have them on board.

We wanted to know more about the business and how it all got started, so we spoke to Jamie Skinner, co-founder of the brand, to find out some more. According to Jamie, it all started with a trip to Vietnam.

He said: “My business partner Chris and I previously worked in e-commerce and travelled at the same time. We always talked about starting our own business, but we didn’t have any particular focus until we were inspired by a few other brands.

“At the time Chris was in Vietnam where many local bars and restaurants use bamboo straws. From there we decided to go and visit the bamboo farm and start promoting reusable straws.”

Six months later, and they’d already engraved straws for National Geographic and the British Embassy in Croatia, so the duo decided to invent a second brand, Jungle Culture. This arm of the business helped build a focus on other sustainable products and support small scale manufacturers in Vietnam.

With more and more people becoming interested in sustainability, Jamie says things are starting to change. They’ve been thrilled by the reception Jungle Culture has had, with one couple going as far as selling Jungle Straws during a charity cycle from Belgium to Italy!

But, Jamie says, he recognises it’s not always easy to make the switch to be waste-free.

“My personal belief is that the responsibility should be with businesses,” he said. “Consumers should not be expected to be perfect and plastic-free at all times, although practicing a low-impact lifestyle always helps.

“We need governments to step in and prohibit single-use plastic use and we need businesses to be proactive in making changes to sustainable alternatives.”

So what about those of us who are keen to switch to sustainable alternatives? How can we make that first step?

“Don’t be hard on yourselves. Do what you can and enjoy the journey. Start with simple switches like safety razors, natural deodorant, reusable water bottles and build from there. You might find that the plastic-free alternative is better and cheaper than the disposable plastic item you were initially using.

“I can honestly say that I much prefer natural deodorant from Natural Deodorant Co. and I would never switch back. One tub lasts longer than a bottle of Lynx, smells better, is better for your skin and has no environmental impact.”

Jamie and the team at Jungle Culture remain hopeful about the future, having seen first-hand how much people care about saving the planet, and having worked with some manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam working non-stop to compete with traditional carbon intensive factories.

He said: “Individuals should remember that they are always voting with their money. When you buy from a small store or an organic grocery shop you are giving a vote to that business and that way of life. The more you spend on package-free and zero waste products, the more larger companies take notice and begin to change their habits.

“Vote for change, refuse single-use plastic.”

Don’t forget you can access discounts on Jungle Culture products by signing up with eco-discount.

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