Brands of the Month: May

This month has been a big one for eco-discount, and we've been thrilled to welcome so many great new brands as partners. So each month, we're going to highlight three of them and show you just why they're so amazing.

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1. Wild

I don't know about you, but we've been seeing this brand everywhere recently - and for good reason. Wild is an amazing company, focused on reducing the terrifying amount of waste made my traditional deodorants.

Natural, waste-free deodorants are a relatively new thing, but Wild has changed the game with its single-use plastic free refillable deodorant. Its aluminium case can be kept forever and refilled with 100% compostable cartridges. They even offer a subscription service, so you can forget about running out ever again.

Not only that, but doing good is at the heart of this company, so for every deodorant purchased, they're giving a portion of their profits to reforestation charity ON A MISSION.

Don't forget, with eco-discount you can save 15% right now!

2. smol

This company is going for the laundry revolution we all need! It took two years to get it just right, but they've figured out how to lower the harmful chemicals in laundry capsules, while keeping the performance.

It's the UK's first plastic-free packaging for laundry capsules, and their boxes are made of sustainable, recyclable materials.

Now offering dishwasher tablets too, smol is one of the easiest ways to make a switch towards a responsible lifestyle. Both tables are plastic-free, 100% water soluble and biodegradable, so you won't be sending any micro plastics to the ocean next time you put a wash on!

smol already offers a free trial, and with eco-discount you can save a further 20% off your first order!

3. Last Object

We all know how dangerous single-use plastics are for our planet. Well, Last Object is dedicated to creating sustainable, reusable alternatives to single-use products, and they started with the cotton swab.

Every day, the company says, 1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced, and discarded after one use. A single LastSwab can replace up to 1,000 traditional cotton swabs, and their packaging, and they're perfectly hygienic, easily cleanable with some soap and water.

The company is also working on LastTissue, to combat the problem caused by packets of tissues used and thrown away every single day.

Try one out today to save the planet, and don't forget to save your wallet at the same time! You can get 15% off with your eco-discount!

We hope you like the three brands of May, don't forget to let us know which companies you'd like to see highlighted next month over on Facebook and Instagram.

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