Signed up and want to know where your money goes? Straight to world-saving charities, that’s where.

We send 50% of the membership fee from every monthly and annual payment that you make to the three amazing charities below. That means every time you’re making a payment, you’re helping save the world.

How do we do it? Every six months, we get together and send half of your funds to Plastic Oceans UK, WWF, and Rainforest Trust UK. We’re able to do this thanks to Work For Good, a platform that processes our donations and sends them on to our chosen charities. Find out more and visit our profile here.


This charity is on a mission to stop plastic reaching our oceans within a generation. They started with an award-winning film The Plastic Ocean, and now use science to educate both teachers and students about the ongoing crisis. They’re also working with companies and innovators to help them reduce their plastic footprint, while meeting customer demands.

Plastic Polluted Ocean
Image by Sid Balachandran


We’ve all heard of WWF, and for good reason. It’s the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. The team at WWF are working to push for a reduction in carbon emissions and for measures to help people live sustainably. They work across the planet to ensure that the our world’s wildlife will be protected for future generations.


Working with its counterpart in the US, Rainforest Trust protects threatened tropical forests and endangered wildlife worldwide. They partner up with local companies to make sure solutions offer the long-term conservation of tropical ecosystems around the world. Their current aims include the protection of 50 million acres of threatened habitat.