the team

eco-discount is a family-run organisation with siblings Matt and Becky, and her partner Luke, at the centre of a growing team. All three left the UK to study, teach and find a slice of paradise. But as they tried to tick countries off their bucket lists, it looked like soon there would be nowhere left that hadn’t been polluted or destroyed. So with plastic filling the oceans and fires raging across Australia, they felt like there was nothing they could do to help. But maybe that’s the problem.


No-one feels like they can help. 

eco-discount was born to give everyone the opportunity to do something, funding the organisations with the expertise to really make a difference. 

Luke and Becky now live just outside Shanghai, China, and Matt’s studying in Orlando, Florida, where they’re all taking steps towards an environmentally-conscious life, and hoping to help others do the same. 

Our Mission

We’ve seen the power of the retail economy and we want to redirect a portion of that to charities who are fighting climate change. While we’re at it, we want to point shoppers towards sustainable brands and companies with an environmentally-friendly approach, while putting pressure on others to make the change.

The concept is simple, too. Shoppers pay £3 a month to get access to huge savings, and we’ll send 50% of that subscription fee directly to charities, every month. The other half? We’ll use it to grow the business, reach more people and help businesses make the journey to sustainability.


We also want to show that a profit-for-purpose business model works, and that it’s worth it, for your wallet and for the world.